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Reasons you should not miss out on IELTS Online Classes

PTE coaching classes, it explains everything

PTE coaching classes, it explains everything

PTE stands for Pearson test of English. It is an exam for moving to countries like Australia and New Zealand. Our PTE coaching classes have four sections in this exam viz: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The pattern for the exam has slightly changed recently. The number of questions has been reduced. The new exam has been improved and the total duration of the exam has been reduced to two hours.

A.I.B.E. helps you in preparing for PTE Coaching Classes in the following manner.

Let us discuss the new format in detail:

  1. PART 1- SPEAKING AND WRITING- The new test timings for this section are approx. 54-67 minutes. The speaking section will consist of 5 topics viz: Read aloud having 6-7 questions followed by repeat sentence containing 10-12 questions. The third section is Describe an image section in which the number of questions has reduced from 6-7 to 3-4 and the reduction of questions is noted in the 4th topic also which is retell lecture having only 1-2 questions in the new format. The last topic is to answer short questions which will consist of 5-6 questions. Immediately after this, the Writing section will begin. It consists of two topics summarizing written text and essay writing. Summarize written text will have 1-2 questions in the new format. For each question, one will get 10 minutes to write the summary in one single sentence. In essay writing, you normally get 1-2 essays and the time duration for each essay is 20 minutes. So the total question range in the new test format will be 28-36 questions.
  2. Part 2- READING SECTION- The total duration for this section in the new test format is 29-30 minutes. It consists of a total of 5 topics beginning with fill-in-the-blanks questions consisting of 4-5 questions followed by fill-in-the-blanks: reading and writing having 5-6 questions. These two topics are the most scored in the reading section and one must master these topics. Another scoring topic is Reorder paragraph containing 2-3 questions. The last two topics are Multiple choice: choose a single answer containing 1-2 questions followed by multiple choice: multiple option questions consisting of 1-2 questions. This is a negative marking question so one must be careful. So the total number of questions in the new format will be 13-18 questions.
  3. PART 3- LISTENING SECTION- Earlier there were a 10 minutes optional break before this section which has been removed in the new test format. The total question range will be 12-20 in the new test format and the total time will be 30-43 minutes. The first topic is summarizing spoken text which will have 1-2 questions. Each question will be for 10 minutes but that time will be included in the combined time for the listening section. So one can try to finish it in 6 minutes each so that the remaining time can be used for the other questions. The two topics which carry negative marking are multiple choice questions: choose multiple options and highlight incorrect words, so care must be taken to solve these questions. The remaining questions highlight correct summary, multiple choice: choose a single option, fill in the blanks, select missing word, and write from dictation. The last topic is writing from dictation and is very scoring. So one must manage the time so that one can complete this task.

To conclude, PTE Coaching Classes is comparatively easier now with the number of questions being less. It is a matter of speed and accuracy and one needs rigorous practice to get accustomed to the variety of question types asked in the exam so that there are no surprises on the exam day.