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How to Master Spoken English: Tips from Expert Teachers

English is a language of international trade, colonization, business, missionary work, and communication. So learning English has become mandatory in today’s era. In this blog, I am going to talk about how one can master this language, with the help of our Spoken English Coaching Classes in Gurgaon.

Listen to podcast

One should listen to a podcast for at least half an hour daily. It not only enhances your Communication but also improves vocabulary and listening skills.

Reading and comprehension skills

One should inculcate the habit of reading daily for at least half an hour. It helps improves one’s comprehension skills.

Expand your vocabulary

If one increases reading and listening daily, one will learn a lot of new vocabulary words. Begin to use 1-2 “new vocabulary” words/phrases throughout the day, every day, until they are committed to memory and you can use the vocabulary words naturally.

Watch English content

One should watch English movies, and series, as it enhances communication skills. Initially one can start with subtitles and then gradually move towards watching without subtitles.

Converse with other English speakers

This is the best way to enhance your skills. By engaging in conversation with English speakers at every opportunity, you’ll begin to recognize these rules, and you’ll also be able to put your learning into practice.

Use other digital platforms like recording your own voice etc.

You can practice speaking with a friend or read from a newspaper, magazine, or book and talk on a topic for two minutes and record your voice and see the kind of mistakes you are making. Listen closely to your pronunciation and tone of speech. Are there areas you could improve? Write these down and continue to work on them.

Join a course to get the right platform- You can join the best course to improve your Public speaking skills. At A.I.B.E, we have the most popular course in Public speaking like IELTS Course, which helps candidates improve their communication skills, personality, reading, vocabulary building, and confidence levels.


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