Purchase Flow

Purchase flow for aibeducation.in where customers can buy online & offline courses directly from the website.

  1. Homepage: When a customer visits the website, they will land on the homepage. Here, they will see the featured courses, as well as a search bar where they can look for specific courses.

  2. Course Details: Once the customer selects a course they are interested in, they will be directed to the course details page. Here, they will see the course description, curriculum, prerequisites, and other relevant information.

  3. Selecting the Course: After reviewing the course details, the customer can select the course they wish to purchase and click on the “Buy Now” button.

  4. Sign up/Login: If the customer is a new user, they will be prompted to sign up for an account by providing their email address, name, and password. If they are an existing user, they will be prompted to log in to their account.

  5. Shopping Cart: After signing up or logging in, the customer will be directed to their shopping cart. Here, they can review the course they have selected, as well as any other courses they may have added. They can adjust the quantity of the course or remove the course entirely.

  6. Checkout: Once the customer is satisfied with their cart, they can proceed to checkout. Here, they will need to provide their billing and shipping information. If they have any discount codes or coupons, they can apply them at this stage. They can also select their preferred payment method.

  7. Payment: After selecting their preferred payment method, the customer will be redirected to a secure payment gateway. Here, they can enter their payment information and complete the transaction.

  8. Confirmation: Once the payment has been processed, the customer will receive a confirmation email with the details of their purchase, including the course details and payment receipt. They will also be directed to a confirmation page on the website, where they can access the course materials and begin their online learning journey.