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Best ways to score high in PTE exam

Best ways to score high in PTE exam

You need the right tools and guidance to crack the PTE. You need to practice and do the both hard and smart work to crack PTE.

By following the below mentioned steps you can easily gain English prowess and succeed in the PTE:-


While preparing for the PTE exam you should analyze yourself and do a SWOT analysis. You should capitalize on your strengths, improve on your weaknesses, go after opportunities and root out threats. This way you will be able to successfully improve in all sections of the PTE and succeed and get a good score.


Most candidates have problems in the speaking skills section and thus they should work on their speaking skills by reading out loud a newspaper, book or magazine. This helps you neutralize your accent, improve pronunciation, intonation and modulation.


Another good idea is that you can revise the lecture through a teach Back where you can act as the trainer and teach the class. This will improve your confidence and will also give you an opportunity to confidently speak in front of strangers.


Stories telling require good words and expressions and you need to intonate and modulate too and thus story telling is a great way of improving your speaking skills especially in public.


You can also repeat sentences and imbibe them in your communication by using the new words and sentences while speaking with friends and family. This way you improve on your vocab and also improve your pronunciation.


You can watch videos and learn from them and practice with friends. This way you will become more confident and fluent, which will ultimately lead to your PTE success. Thus by following these simple tricks and tools you can improve your English and can score well in all the sections of the PTE.