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PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It is unbiased English testing for study abroad and immigration. It is taken by both students and professionals who want to settle abroad, mainly in Australia & New Zealand. PTE exam The International English Language Testing System is the world’s most popular English language test. More than Thousands of PTE tests are taken Every Year. PTE is widely accepted by universities, colleges and governments around the world. The results are fast and fair. We have best faculties with updated study material along with lot of practice tests and mocks.

Importance of PTE Coaching Classes

If you are going to get admission to good university your PTE grade Matters you need to invest time and effort for some serious PTE test preparation when you are preparing with the PTE exam. From grammar to verbal communication skills and even spelling, the PTE Test will test you on several formates. The only sure-shot way of clearing the PTE exam is to understand the concepts of the English language fundamentals.

At Aadhsarsila Institute of Basic Education we commit to student to get full training for the PTE Exam. If you look up PTE Institute Near Me on Google, you will know our well-educated PTE faculties who are doctorate in the English language provides the best possible academic PTE, CLAT, IELTS and LSAT Preparation. AIBE PTE Classes Online in Gurgaon provides broad practice time which makes us unique from other PTE coaching centers in order to help the students understand the basic concept of our all courses. The teaching methods are carefully selected in order to ensure that the students are able to grasp the concepts more lightly.

PTE Coaching Gurgaon

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Best PTE Coaching in Gurgaon

Embarking on a PTE (Pearson Test of English) course holds great significance for individuals aspiring to study or work in English-speaking countries. Joining the AIBE institute in Gurgaon dedicated to PTE exam preparation is a smart choice, bringing with it a host of benefits that can profoundly impact your language skills and performance in the exam.

Getting admission to a reputed university requires a unique skill set. So competitive is this arena that your academic performance is not the only metric that confirms your admission. You also need to have the necessary language skills, especially if you intend to study in a country where English is the native language. One such test that most foreign universities insist on is the Pearson Language Test.

The Pearson Language Test assesses your overall English language proficiency. A first-of-its-kind computer-based English language test, it measures your English speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills to ensure that you can study in an international environment. The PTE test is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and is designed to provide rapid and convenient testing solutions while eliminating human bias. Colleges and universities around the globe widely accept this English language test. The test is taken by students from 180 nationalities, speaking 115 different languages. The importance of a PTE course lies in its targeted focus on the four key language skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

1. The reading section

This section tests candidates based on their ability to comprehend written instructions in the English language. The reading section is divided into 5 segments of 150 to 300 words each. The time given to read each passage depends on the length of the text. You have to answer multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, and re-order paragraphs. You are given 32 to 41 minutes to answer questions in this section of the PTE exam.

2. The listening section

You have to listen to pre-recorded audio files, retain the information played in the audio, and answer the questions accordingly. The listening section of the test lasts for approximately 45 to 57 minutes. It is divided into 8 segments with specific time durations. The sections include multiple-choice questions with single and multiple answers, fill-in-the-blanks, selecting and removing the missing words, highlighting incorrect words, writing from dictation, highlighting the correct summary played on the audio files, and summarising the spoken text.

3. Speaking and writing sections

The speaking and writing sections are combined and comprise six small sub-sections with specific time durations. You are tested on how fluently you can speak and write in English. The time provided to answer questions in these combined sections is 77 to 93 minutes. The subsections in this portion of the PTE exam include a personal introduction, reading aloud, repeating sentences, describing images, retelling a lecture, answering short questions, summarising written text, and writing an essay.

Each of these sections contributes to your overall PTE score, which ranges from 10 to 90. A good score in the PTE exam can help you secure a seat in a school of your choice. It also stands as a testimony to your English language skills and enables you to gain international exposure after graduating. Recognized globally, PTE scores are widely accepted by educational institutions and immigration authorities, making it a popular choice for those seeking opportunities in English-speaking environments. Preparing for each section through practice tests and study materials is essential for success in the PTE exam.

PTE Exam Preparation in Gurgaon

PTE Academic is an online computer-based test and has four sections Speaking, Writing, reading, and listening. The overall testing time of PTE has been decreased from 3 hours to 2 hours approximately. The optional break was removed before the listening section which was of 10 minutes.


The speaking and writing time have been decreased from 77-93 mins to approx. 54-67 minutes in which the topic remains the same viz: Read aloud, repeat sentence with number of questions remaining the same in these two topics i.e., 6-7 for read aloud and 10-12 for repeat. sentence. However, in the other three topics i.e., Describe an image the questions have been reduced from 6-7 to 3-4, Retell lecture from 3-4 to 1-2 and answer short question from 101-2 to 5-6. In the writing section both the topic are same which is summarize written text and essay writing but the number of questions in summarize written text have been reduced from 2-3 to 1 2. The essay writing has 1 or max two essays to write.


In Reading Section there are five topics. However, the time for reading section has been reduced to 30 minutes approximately. Fill in the blanks, fill in the blanks: reading and writing and reorder paragraphs the number of questions are same as previous viz 4-5, 5-6 and 2-3 respectively. On the other hand, the number of questions for multiple choice: choose single option had been reduced from 2-3- to 1-2 and for multiple choice: choose multiple options, it has gone down from 2-3 to 1-2 again carrying negative marking also.


This section has 8 different topics with total questions in the new format being 12-20. The topics are as follows: Summarize spoke text, which is an important topic and the number of questions have been reduced from 2-3 to 1-2 in the new format. Moreover, for topics like Multiple choice: choose single option, multiple choice: choose multiple options, highlight correct summary and select missing word, the number of questions have been reduced from 2-3 to 1-2. However, in highlight correct words, the number of questions remain the same which is 2-3 and lastly in write from dictation, which is again an important topic the number of questions remain as 3-4 only. This is the last section of PTE.

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Dilpreet kaur Komal
Dilpreet kaur Komal
PTE Classes Online
Dilpreet kaur Komal
Dilpreet kaur Komal

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PTE Training in Gurgaon - AIBE

PTE is a valuable tool for individuals seeking academic and professional opportunities in English-speaking environments. Adequate preparation, including practice tests and study materials, is key to success in this comprehensive language assessment. If you are looking to take the Pearson Test of English (PTE), AIBE, Gurgaon is the right platform for you. We offer comprehensive PTE coaching classes in Gurgaon, designed to help you score high on the test and achieve your goals of studying or working abroad.

AIBE, Gurgaon is committed to providing the best PTE Exam Preparation in Gurgaon. Our PTE coaching In Gurgaon is equipped with well-equipped infrastructure, classroom facilities, an expert team of trainers, and resources to ensure that you have the best learning experience possible. We offer flexible timings for classes to accommodate your busy schedule by face-to-face offline or online options to learn with ease and flexibility. Our trainers are dedicated to your success and will provide you with personalized attention and support throughout your PTE  Exam preparation journey.

One of the primary benefits of joining the AIBE PTE Institute in Gurgaon is the structured curriculum it offers. The comprehensive syllabus is designed to cover all aspects of the PTE exam systematically. This ensures that you not only understand the requirements of each section but also progress steadily in your preparation. The AIBE, Gurgaon is the only PTE Institute in Gurgaon that follows such an advanced level of course curriculum that guarantees your PTE score. Due to our advanced technique of teacher learning pedagogy, we are the best PTE Institute in Gurgaon.

We have a team of experienced PTE trainers who are experts in their fields. Our trainers have years of experience in coaching students for PTE and have a proven track record of success. They will guide you through every step of the PTE exam preparation in Gurgaon and provide you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed.

Beyond the technical aspects, joining the AIBE Institute in Gurgaon contributes to a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Engaging in group discussions, sharing experiences, and learning from peers enhance your communication skills—a crucial element of the PTE exam preparation.

Our PTE exam preparation coaching training In Gurgaon is designed to meet the needs of students of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, our coaching will help you improve your PTE score. We provide comprehensive study material, practice tests, and mock exams to help you prepare for the actual PTE exam. We also offer one-on-one coaching sessions to help you identify your weaknesses and work on them.

At AIBE, we understand the importance of a good PTE score in achieving your goals. That is why we are committed to providing the best PTE coaching classes in Gurgaon. Join us today and start your journey toward success!

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