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Welcome to A.I.B.E (Aadharsila Institute for Basic Education) – the best Spoken English coaching institute in Gurugram! At A.I.B.E, we understand the importance of the grammar exam in furthering your academic and professional goals. 

Communication is of paramount importance these days. To communicate effectively and convey your message across impressively is the key. For that speaking and knowing English is very important as English has become a global language. So, A.I.B.E is aimed at helping professionals improve their Public speaking skills. There are several reasons why you should join A.I.B.E.

We have different courses pertaining to different set of people. We have courses for kids, professionals, home-makers, students etc. 

A.I.B.E – Aadharsila Institute Basic Education is an institute in Gurgaon that focuses on strengthening the roots and building the foundation of the students, professionals in lot of fields. We provide coaching in Gurgaon for IELTS General and Academic, PTE, CLAT & LSAT. We are also providing classes for Spoken English, Personality Development, Business Communication, Public Speaking, soft skills, Interview preparation and Voice & Accent Training in Gurugram, India.

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Aadharsila Institute Basic Education is a place to strengthen the roots of students with advanced and creative educational videos.


The different courses we have are as follows:

Basic Level

This course is for beginners designed for people who want to learn English from scratch. In this we start from Hindi to English and start with basic like word recognition, sentence construction etc. This course is for six months, where we aim to strengthen the base of a student and help one speak fluent English. This course can be taken by students, freshers, people who studied from Hindi medium and home-makers. In this course the focus is on improving the grammar, sentence construction and identifying different parts of speech. It also focuses on basic things like three golden words: please, sorry thank you, Seasons, weather, how to study time etc. Little bit of speaking on small and simple topic is also done in this course.

Intermediate Level

This is a flagship course of A.I.B.E and has helped many professionals in the past. This course is for people who want to improve their public speaking skills and soft skills. Soft skills are people skills and very important skill as almost every job in the coming future will require these skills. Lot of people also have stage fear. They hesitate to speak in public, so this course is designed for them. In this we cover grammar, use of all 8 parts of speech and the common errors of grammar. We also focus on pronunciation, help in eliminating mother tongue influence, improve vocabulary, practice speed reading, combine reading and listening skills to make people accustomed to various accents, help via podcasts. This course includes speaking in class in the form of debates with fellow students, group discussions, making presentations in English and delivering them. Getting used to different kind of speeches, working on email etiquettes, telephonic skills and the pitch used in different telephonic situations. It also focuses on interview skills, role plays. Throughout the course a candidate will get exposure to speak on different topics and improve on their body language and communication skills. So if a candidate is regular in the classes, he/ she will see drastic improvement in his/her communication, confidence level and body language. This course is for2.5 months (30 classes). This course can be taken by working professionals, home makers, students and people who have knowledge of English but hesitate to communicate or speak in public.

Advance Level

This course is for people who want to develop their personality and work on their soft skills. This is for professionals /students looking for some advanced skills like negotiation skills, conflict management, leadership skills, assertive skills, team dynamics etc. In this course the focus in on advance grammar also like use of phrasal verbs and vocabulary. The main aim of this course is self- evaluation, working on body language for different cultural settings, dining etiquettes, knowing statements, questions and responses for different situations. To help them know better so that they can strengthen their strengths, work on their weaknesses, know the opportunities they have in their field and also be aware of their potential threats. This is a customized course where SWOT analysis of every candidate is done this course is for one month (12 -15 classes). This can be taken by professionals who are leading a team for want to improve their overall personality.

Kids course

This course is designed only for kids in the grade 4 to grade 8. This is focused on improving speaking and writing skills for students. Some of the topics covered in this course are debates, public speaking, paragraph writing, tongue twisters, vocabulary building, grammar, creative writing, paragraph writing etc.

Grammar, reading, storytelling, vocabulary building and writing skills. Students can take this course during summer break, winter breaks or once a week. This course is for ongoing in case of continuous and 12 classes in case of crash course.

To sum up, one will definitely see an improvement if one joins any of these courses at A.I.B.E because the courses are designed keeping in mind the latest trends in industries. Another reason is the excellent faculties who have vast experience in training students and professionals.

Spoken English Offline Courses

A.I.B.E experts train you well via offline and online mode both. 

Dilpreet kaur Komal
Dilpreet kaur Komal
Dilpreet kaur Komal

Spoken English Online Courses

A.I.B.E experts train you well via offline and online mode both. 

Dilpreet kaur Komal
Dilpreet kaur Komal
Dilpreet kaur Komal

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A.I.B.E is aimed at helping professionals improve their Public speaking skills. There are several reasons why you should join A.I.B.E.