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Everything You Need To Know About IELTS Band Score

Moving to a different nation can be as intimidating as it seems and sometimes even more. In
situations like this, the ability to gather the right and reliable information can be your strength to
make the right choices.
The first thing you would want to do when embarking on this journey would be to familiarize
yourself with IELTS. For those who are reading this for the first time, let us walk you through this
testing system, what are all the components, the scoring criteria, the interpretation of the bands
and so much more.
The following pointers mentioned in this article can assist you in figuring out the intricacies of
the testing system. Read the entire article to get the full scoop.

What is IELTS?

To put it into simple words, the abbreviation of IELTS can be broken down as the International
English Language Testing System. It is a standardized test that has been globally recognized
and acknowledged with the purpose of analyzing and assessing the English language
proficiency of candidates who wish to move to English-speaking countries to study, live or work.
The core purpose of the testing system is to take into account the individual’s ability to
comprehend, communicate, write, and read in the English language. Various immigration
authorities, employers, and educational institutions consider the examination to be the basic
criteria for consideration of the individual, as the test indicates the proficiency of the candidate’s
English skills.
There are four modules of the IELTS test, namely:

● Listening
● Reading
● Speaking
● Writing

Importance of IELTS Band Scores

As evident from the pointers mentioned above, you must already have an idea as to how
essential your IELTS band scores can be. The examination can be your gateway to a better
future in a nation you prefer. This universal measure of your proficiency in the English language
must not be taken lightly. Whether it is the immigration context, admission to top-class
institutions or your professional progress, these scores play an essential role. If you wish to
gather more information, make sure to go through these points.

● The test serves as acceptance criteria for a lot of institutions in countries with English as
a first language. This is because of the fact that the test scores clearly reflect whether or
not the candidate has the necessary skill set to succeed in academic programs
conducted in English
● Not only educational institutions but also many employers use the score to determine the
language proficiency of the candidate, a higher score results in better chances of getting
● When you wish to move to a country where the immigration prerequisite is appearing in
the IELTS test and attaining certain scores, you are left with little choice.

Decoding IELTS Band Scores

With the aim of attaining a better understanding of how band scores can be differentiated from
one to another, this section is a must-read. Here is a complete breakdown of different band
scores that you can get in IELTS.
Certainly, here’s a breakdown of the IELTS score bands and their corresponding levels of
English language proficiency:

Band Score 9: Expert User – The score implies that the candidate has great command over
the language. Acing the accent, fluency, and use of vocabulary can help you get a band score of 9.

● Band Score 8: Very Good User – The next in line is band score 8. It suggests that the
candidate has effective operational command of the language. In spite of a few mistakes here
and there, complex language was handled well.

● Band Score 7: Good User – Further, we have a band score that suggests an overall effective
command of the language. This score reflects the fact that the candidate has a general
understanding and communication ability to handle complex language.

● Band Score 6 Competent User – This band is a litter below par as the candidate can be
prone to making minor mistakes in complex and unfamiliar situations. However, the basic ideas
and information can be effectively communicated.

● Band Score 5: Modest User- This is when things might start going south for you. If you have
a band score of 5, then you only have a partial command of the language. The frequency of
errors and mistakes might be more in complex, unfamiliar situations.

● Band Score 4: Limited User – The competence of a user with a band score of 4 is pretty
much basic. The best he or she can offer is a menial understanding of the language to regulate
simple and routine tasks.

● Band Score 3: Extremely Limited User – Again referred to as a limited user, this candidate
is more prone to errors and often misuses the language.

● Band Score 2: Intermittent User – This candidate has minimal capability to use the
language and has a limited ability to comprehend the language and communicate his or her

● Band Score 1: Non-User – With a band score of one, you will be regarded as an individual
with little to no ability to use the language.

● Band Score 0: Did Not Attempt the Test – If you fail even to attempt the test, then you fall
in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions about IELTS Band Scores

A. Can you fail the IELTS test?
Well, it is pretty much possible for you to fail the IELTS test. Different governing bodies
have different criteria to rank the candidates, and if your score is lower than the decided cutoff,
consider that you need to retake the test.

B. Can you retake the IELTS test for a better score?
Yes, if you wish to do better on your scores, you can retake the test. All you need to take
into consideration is the waiting period, and you will be good to go.
C. How long are IELTS scores valid?
The validity of the IELTS score usually lasts two years from the date of the test.
D. Can you request a re-evaluation of your test?
Yes, it is possible for you to take a re-evaluation of your test.


Hopefully, all the pointers that have been thoroughly expressed and discussed in this article will
prove helpful to you when you are planning to appear for IELTS. Your band score can help you
come across many great opportunities in life. Hence, it is highly essential that you prepare
effectively for the IELTS test.

Good luck!


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