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How AIBE helps in PTE preparation

PTE (Pearson Test of English) for study abroad and immigration. It is trusted by universities, colleges and governments around the world. It is a computer- based testing and results are typically available within 48 hours of giving the test. PTE has four sections: speaking, writing, reading and listening. The test starts with an introduction of the candidate followed by the speaking and writing task. After the writing test, the candidate gets the reading section. After completing the reading section, the candidate gets an optional 10 mins break after which one has to give the last section which is listening. The total duration of the exam is 3 hours. We at A.I.B.E help the candidates in different sections as follows:


It has five sections viz: Read aloud, repeat sentence, describe an image, retell-lecture and answer short questions. The trick to crack this section is your fluency. Do not stop in between, even if you do make sure your pause is short. Your speech must be continuous and connected. Try to maintain that fluency. We at A.I.B.E help you in intonation, give you templates for describe an image an retell-lecture so that flow of speech is maintained.

Writing section

This section has two topics: Summarize written text and essay writing. Normally you get 2-3 summarize written text and one essay and some time one gets even two essays to write. We provide you with sentence types required in essay and a good template to ace the essay writing and in summarizing written text , you have to write the summary in one single sentence .So we help you in picking up the main ideas the key words and how to connect them using connectors.

Reading section

The reading section again has 5 topics viz: Reorder paragraphs, Reading: fill in the blanks, reading and writing: fill in the blanks, these sections will take up 60% of your reading score. So, you must focus on these sections more. Apart from these two sections, there are two more topics Multiple choice questions: choose single option and multiple-choice questions: choose multiple options. We at A.I.B.E teach you different short cuts and tips and tricks to ace this section.

Listening section

You get an optional break of 10 minutes after the reading section. The listening section comprises of 8 different topics viz: Summarize spoken text, highlight correct summary, highlight incorrect words, fill in the blanks, select missing words, multiple choice chose single option, multiple choice: choose multiple options and write from dictation. The most important topics in listening are write from dictation, summarize spoken text and fill in the blanks. We teach lot of tips and tricks to ace this section. You will get a template for summarize spoken text.

To conclude, after completing each section, we take sectional tests and see where a candidate is lacking and then brush up on those skills. Once the candidate is good with all sections, we take 3 full length mocks and assess the candidate by giving the scores. Once a candidate is getting a desired score in the mock, he can book the test.


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