IELTS Requirement for Canada Student Visa

With the advent of technology, we can access any information with the click of a button. Many people giving IELTS every year across the globe to fulfil their dream of going abroad but only a few get good grades in them. This is because they don’t work on their weaknesses and become over confident in their strengths.

What is IELTS and why it’s important?

IELTS stands for International English Language testing system; so basically it is a test of English and comprehension skills. This exam is given by candidates to move abroad majorly for two reasons; for studying and for settling abroad.  Students who want to move abroad for studies need to give IELTS Exam –Academic and people who want to move abroad for PR need to give IELTS-General.

IELTS has four sections: Reading, writing, listening and speaking. There are two modes to give the exam, one is Computer based exam (CBT), as the name suggests it is online other is pencil and paper mode which is offline form of examination. The pattern for both the exam is same but the duration is different. Online exam is for 2 hours 30 mins and offline it is 2 hours 40 mins. It is a mandatory requirement for people who want to move abroad either or pursuing higher studies or for settling and getting PR.

IELTS requirement for Canada student visa

What is Canada student visa?

This is a document which is a study permit that allows foreign nationals to study in Canada at DLI, which stands for designated learning institutes. It is a school which is approved by provincial or territorial government to host foreign or international students. Maximum foreign students need this study permit to study in Canada. 

Explain why IELTS is required for Canada Student Visa

Students who want to pursue their studies abroad in Canadian universities need to prove their English language proficiency and so IELTS Exam is one of the exam to check the English speaking skills of the candidate. It is an exam which is widely accepted by Canadian universities and collges. One needs to score in this exam to get admission abroad as this exam is accepted by IRCC, which stands for Immigration, refugees and citizen ship Canada to assess the English proficiency of any immigrant. So, it is a mandatory requirement to study abroad in undergraduate and post graduate courses/programs.

Minimum IELTS Score Required for Canada Student Visa

There are four sections in IELTS: Reading, writing, speaking and listening. If a candidate is going for undergraduate and diploma courses then he needs to score a minimum of 5.5 bands in each of the four sections and an overall score of 6 bands. On the other hand, if a candidate is going for a graduate course then he requires an IELTS score of 6.O in each section and overall score of 6.5 bands and above. However, if a candidate decides to pursue a course in teaching or education or engineering program then one needs to score 7.0 in each of the four sections and overall also 7.0 bands.

How to prepare for IELTS exam

There is no doubt that it’s better to have a good idea of what to expect before you go into your test so A.I.B.E helps you in preparing for IELTS which is required for Canada student visa.

Tips to prepare for IELTS

  1. Precise study materials to score good in ielts band score– We provide study material for each section: reading, writing, speaking and listening. We practice one set of each topic in class and give ample of study material to practice.
  1. Better knowledge of the skills– We give tips and tricks for each section and make students practice using these techniques. In the group classes one can enhance the vocabulary and delivery of speech by practicing with other students.
  2. Essay writing- Most of the students succumb in this section. This section is done slowly and gradually practicing each type of essay and clearing of doubt by the experts and tips to write essays better. This this students are made to practice variety of sentence types to enhance their scores.
  3. Time management– With ample of practices and sectional tests, one gets to manage the time in an appropriate manner and complete the paper without any hurdles. For e.g.: You get 60 minutes to complete the entire reading section. So, give 20 minutes to each passage. You will not get extra time to transfer your answers, so finish it in 18 minutes and use the remaining 2 minutes to transfer the answer to the answer sheets.
  4. Giving mocks– You should try solving mock papers and this will really help you by giving you a real world experience of what the exam will actually be like. Just studying for different sections is not enough, you should also apply your knowledge and practice from Mocks to test your caliber and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

The secret to success in the IELTS is practice and intelligence. You should consult others who have taken the exam and also practice. The more you practice the better you will become and the more successful your final exam will be.

How to apply for Canada student visa

Generally before a candidate moves to Canada, he needs to apply for study permit, though some people do that within Canada also. However some candidates apply upon reaching Canada at the port of entry, one needs to clearly understand which option is best for him.

Online application process

The journey of a student who wishes to move to Canada is categorized below:

Required Documents

The documents which are required to be submitted are as below:

IELTS Score card

After scoring the bands required in IELTS, one needs to submit the score card.

A letter of acceptance

 One needs to submit it for the admission process from the designated learning institution one will be joining. In addition to it , one needs to submit the mark sheet of the school and college, (if applicable) along with passport copy and more documents which are candidate specific and varies from case to case. If one plans to study in QUEBEC, which is a province then one needs to submit valid attestation of issuance of CAQ, which is Quebec Acceptance Certificate.

Proof of identity

One needs to submit a valid passport or travel document along with the passport of any family member who come with the candidate to Canada.


You can get your study permit faster in student direct stream (SDS) Canada launched a Student direct program which started on 7th June 2018 and it streamlines the process for Indian students to study at universities and colleges in Canada. If one is a legal resident of certain country then one may be able to get study permit faster by applying online through SDS.


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